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excerpts of short and long speculative fiction, poems, theater, essays, and rants.......


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current writing

#21. grow a new eye. work-in-progress manuscript about loss, insight, and cyborgs

Alturas, graphic novel of a sci-fi dystopia, a story within a story in #21, grow a new eye

How to guide to being human in the future. A series of articles investigating the implications of the saturation of technology in our lives.

Eye,Tanya: the future of sight, the chronicling of a monocular life. / 2005 to present



Piss and Vinegar, a review of performance artist, Keith Hennessey, SFIST.COM / March 2005.

Jumping off Walls for Your Home, article about site-specific dance piece, New Mission News 2002

theatrical writing

nuestra señora de electricidad, the wonderful world of mental illness and drug addiction / 2003

Hush, Momma. a play about pregnant woman haunted by the Hindu God Kali / 2002

ʻThey were good tippers,ʼ one act about the strippers who entertained jihadists on Sept. 10th/ 2001

Nona, a surreal tale of a Mission District hipster-latina waitress on how she left her man / 2001

Mission You, one-woman play about the many voices of the Mission District / 2001

Sweet Janey, / 2001


Throw the Rock / 2005

owl people / 2003

Seven Cop Cars, 2002

My Last Spirit, short story published in CIPACTLI, SFSU La Raza Literary Journal / 1997


The Unveiling, poetry manuscript of 20 poems / 1997 - 2007

script consultation

Neruda, the Poetʼs Calling; Script Supervisor for narration by Isabel Allende

Part 1

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