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Professional Portrait of Tanya Vlach taken for an article for Wired Italy, Black background, long brown hair, waves with highlights. slightly separated shaped lips with red lipstick. Blueish grey eyes, left eye slightly larger with a reflection because it is a prosthesis, eyelashes pronounced with black mascara, black top. Neutral frozen expression, like that of a sculpture.


Tanya Vlach is a transdisciplinary artist, storyteller, and producer, born and raised in San Francisco, CA. Her work is an exploration of the power of the imagination to help heal, create, and reconnect with the world around us. Through her work, she seeks to bring together people from all walks of life to explore and express their stories in powerful and meaningful ways. From her auto-science fiction novel, Alturas, to her work with the Blockchain Fairy Tales project, Tanya has a deep commitment to creating art that has the power to transform, heal and bring joy.

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Long form Bio

Born and raised in San Francisco, Tanya Vlach is a transdisciplinary artist and storyteller. The founder of Colibrita Productions and Eye,Tanya. 

Passionate about transformative arts, process, movement, found objects, collage making, repurposing, recontextualizing, and channeling intuitively  (from mundane to the spectacle)...

Tanya's practice is a protopian meditation to spark creative interventions in her home, and in the virtual sphere to connect with people all over the world. Harnessing and experimenting with new technologies as an extension of self, to weave stories for transformative collective experiences.


Inspired by a near-death car accident and the loss of her eye; her auto-science fiction transmedia project and novel, Alturas explores what it means to be alive, and how to recreate self, by helping others is the path to individual and collective freedom. 


Being neurodivergent, Tanya has discovered that her life is an ever-unfolding journey of recovery and release. She is in R&D developing a practice prototype of a trauma-informed safe space to facilitate inclusive art recovery cohorts for women, non-binary, and women identifying to reclaim their inner voices that have fallen silent through trauma, oppression, poverty, displacement, addiction, and other violent means that have dimmed their agency. Through embodied mindfulness practices and other creative and regenerating exercises, each cohort as a goal will be able to imagine and visualize future selves living in a future sustainable regenerating community. Tanya believes imagination has the ability to heal. This new project is called the Uncovery, please stay tuned. 


Tanya has been featured in the SF Chronicle, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, WIRED UK, ITALY, etc.


Tanya is very thrilled to be collaborating on Blockchain Fairy Tales and be a member of the mindblowing Digital Storytelling Lab. She is also a member of IAFS free school and collective, the Bioart Coven, and the Existential Hope group at the Foresight Institute. 


Digitally motivated, she finds balance in creating with her hands, collaging, drawing, dancing, playing with her dog, Wilbur, and laughing with her friends. ​


Tanya hopes to one day have enough time, money, and freedom to drive cross country with her co-pilot Wilbur to track down cryptids and other monstrous magical folk tales in the vastness of the United States.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

415 314 0585

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