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"Hola 2020,... Never Yours, LOVINGLY Tanya V."

Continuing my Explorations in defining my obsession with the apocalypse

2020 🫀 🙏🏼  🐕‍🦺  😷  💩

This page is dedicated to new experimental works that came spitting out of me during the pandemic, my 2nd year of sobriety, and from international art classes, I suddenly had access to, because we've gone virtual.

Assignment from week #3 by Profe Mario in Algorithmic Poetry: Speculative Imagination, Machine Learning, Code StudiesWe were alter the code from Strachey's Love Letter.  

"Considered as the first work of electronic literature, The Love Letter Generator (1952) used Alan Turing's random number generator to create combinatory love letters. Using the Manchester Mark I computer, Strachey, his author, discovered and implemented combinatory literature's fundamental structures."

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