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WE’VE GOT TANYA’S CELL – RANSOM:  your phone #’s  : )  

my cell phone and sony camera were stolen or “liberated” from me last night… …right out of my purse, i had stepped out to get some air after dancing my ass off, and asked a friend to watch my stuff, as i came back in i noticed my purse was open (my friend was dancing) a couple of men got up suddenly and left. i followed them, but i couldn’t keep up. i hesitated in doubt – next time i’m gonna grab hold of their collars first, then ask later.

the funny thing is essentially both items were malfunctioning anyway, and needed to be replaced. they got a couple of lemons.

the only thing of value were all my numbers and hundreds of photos. but, i’m lucky they didn’t take my wallet and keys!

i’m seeing this “liberation” as a good thing. to be honest i think i was having kind of a problem and just about to check myself into texters anonymous, can’t seem to send just one text 😦 so better to cold turkey it for a little while.

… and being available isn’t always a good thing – decided this “liberation” is a chance for me to be more available for myself: concentrate more on the now, my senses, talking to people en vivo, and dancing!!!

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