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an eye for every occasion

life is like a box of eyeballs…

on dec. 21st,

the ocularist poured algae into what's left of my eye. it hardened after 2 minutes and formed a molding. next visit he will take a digital pict of my working blue eye. 3rd visit he will paint it on the acrylic. and the last, the ocularist will fit my new eye covering, sealing my socket. a new look designed.

hanging on the wall of his office was the egyptian hieroglyph THE EYE OF HORUS

and a salvador dali print, THE ARCHITECTURE OF THE EYE

(which i'm having a hell of a time finding online — anybody know where this is??)

dr. danz is 5th generation ocularist.

he is the only one creating eye scleral shells in san francisco. his great great great grandfather invented the glass eye in germany.

when i wear the patch i'm creating a persona.

but, mostly i like to bring out my beady little dead eye out into the air.

as a war wound. to be entirely me with nothing to hide.

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