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Blogapathy be gone!

I bet you’re wondering whatever happened to that one-eyed loca? Did she get lost on the subway of social networking sites and couldn’t find her way back? Did she get overwhelmed with taking on a zillion other projects, laboring over grants, art exhibitions, and life struggles? Did her heart flutter and get seduced? Did she live so hard that all she could do for days was play scrabble and watch Swedish films on her Netflix queue? Was she in Egypt and with her Eye of Horus helping the revolution along in the Arab World? Yes, but only in spirit!

All the while I’m sure what you really want to know is there any progress on putting that camera in her fake eye!!!! Where are all the posts about “One-Eyed Femme Fatales and Sci-Fi Vixens,” which won by the way in the poll that you monoculars voted on last year: What does your non-seeing eye desire? “The ‘Eyeborg’. Has anyone asked where he got his name? hmm.” landed a close second, but alas there is only one winner. And what about Wafaa Bilal and his camera that got infected in the back of his head? Where are the fashion critiques on the eye-patch that adorns Jeff Bridges character, Rooster in True Grit? Yuuichi what do you think??

So, where are all the rants and updates Vlach?

Well I’ve been busy, and not blogging obviously – I was overwhelmed with what “an audience” wanted from me. I started to get away with why I started this thing in the first place which was originally called “One-Eyed”. A forum to make sense of it all – to poke fun – to redefine – to empower. It originally was for me to get through the trauma and find a new me ~ then miraculously you came in swarms with so many moving and remarkable stories, I couldn’t keep up. I was so impressed, I thought who wants to hear about my silly ideas when there are so many amazing yous. I believe that it is easy to drown in all the voices when they flood in, and I forgot my voice. So, tralala! I’m belting it out again — it might be crude and monocular but it’s mine.


Working with award-winning filmmaker, Phoebe Tooke on documentary about Eye-Camera

Kickstarter Campaign to be launched in the coming weeks  to fund engineering eye-camera

Multi-media work on exhibit at Galeria De La Raza in San Francisco

Featuring: Eye-Rona & the Revolution The eye is the window to the soul. Two discarded windows float in space inviting the viewer to look through the glass to the other side. One cracked with shards and pieces of glass missing reflecting my own personal trauma of the crushing of my eye from a car accident. The window in front is intact representing the prosthesis that I wear in front appearing as a real eye. Projected on the windows are live streaming street scenes from just outside the window of the gallery engaging those walking by to see themselves as part of the art installation. The live video is woven with collected photos of women who now are going through a major trauma and call for change, women in the current uprising in Egypt.  These women are the epitome of strength and what to do when you stop crying. Ask for change you become the change. Brought to you by Eye-Rona, who is an ancient symbol of restoral, healing, insight, and sea change. Her tears cleanse and prepare us for metamorphosis. Eye-rona is a champion of sousveillance, an act of being a participant in what you are documenting in an open and transparent way. As opposed to the traditional use of surveillance generally used as means of patriarchal control and espionage, Eye-Rona reappropriates the use of documentation for the sole purpose to empower those around her. Eye-Rona & the Revolution interactive media installation is part of Tanyaʼs Eye-dentity series investigating vibrations from loss to transformation. By means of reinventing stereotype, exploring recreating mind and body through cyber-myth, it is a commentary on the evolving nature of diversity and survival of self — and at its spiritual core, asking what it means to be human. Video & photos to come.

Nice to be back gang. Also, I’m trying out a new look for my blog. What do you think?

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