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Grow a New Eye – Kickstarter Update!

Hi – sorry for the long LONG pause before my first update. June was a hectic month! I met a ton of people at TEDxSF and hoping to keep in touch with those who I connected with and hopefully collaborate somehow in the future.

For International Donors who have had a problem donating through Amazon I found this on another Kickstarter!

For those of you outside the U.S. who have tried to back my Kickstarter project and cannot because Amazon “sometimes” has problems with foreign accounts… I finally received a response from Kickstarter – they are aware of this problem and said Amazon offered them this inelegant solution: Have the person start a new account at Amazon to make the payment from. It should go through no problem.  Sorry! I hope that helps you guys!


We are 30% funded for the Grow a New Eye Kickstarter campaign  and I’m thrilled that you all have contributed as much as you did – we are still a ways off and have 20 days left!  Seriously stressful stuff.

I’m continuing to collect the suggestions and will post the highlights in each update. Video update is coming!

1. First I want to clear up that this project by no means will

entail connecting to my occipital lobe to regain sight in my left eye. This is invasive surgery and I’ve been told I’m not a candidate anyway – my Grow a new eye project is primarily a technological artistic experiment, transforming something that was lost into another type of seeing device.

2. Grow a new eye is phase one in engineering the eye-camera. This will entail building a bread board to make sure all the parts work together. In other words it will take some time to get the technology to work and be small enough to fit inside my prosthesis.

3. Battery Power – is one of the biggest challenges with the project. In terms of heat, size, and affect on the body. Spoke with an engineer today who specializes in battery and wireless power,

And he mentioned energy harvesting – sounds pretty darn cool.

4. One of the earliest suggestions was using silicone for the prosthesis instead of Acrylic – this is the first I heard of a silicone eye-prosthesis and I’m open to experimentation. I think the upside to silicone is that it may handle higher temperature than acrylic.

5. I am looking to build a community forum for my website on EyeTanya’s Community Page this will separate the One-Eyed comments and the Engineering suggestions and inquiries (there will also be an art section). I’d like place for all of the new and old info to go and to be organized. Currently my website is still and I need to migrate to

6. Thanks all who have contributed – complete list up til the minute is added to the BACKER Page! UBER GRATEFUL – video updates coming I swear. And I can’t wait to get you your EyeTanya schwag.

7. Call to action: please tell your friends! or someone who you think might be interested in the project. We accept $1 donations and $5000 donations and anything in between.

8. If you donated you are invited to attend an exclusive event in NY July 30th and/ or San Francisco August 2nd (the day before the end of the campaign. And if you haven’t donated you are invited to contribute via Kickstarter at the door!

9. Yes I know who the EYEBORG is! We’ve met and our cyborg rivalry continues – he is not interested in collaborating. So I say let the best WOman win!

While I’m teasing; our projects are different and both of us have something to offer in terms of our unique perspectives. I’m open to collaborate in the future if a Cyborg peace offer is made. 🙂

10. Other things: Open source!

Much appreciated! See you on the flip side!


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