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i want to see?

okay i want to see out of my left eye, but not if it means i’m seeing dead people!

this is the premise of the Hong Kong Thriller gin gwai or the eye.

A young woman who has been blind undergoes a corneal transplant and can see once again. However, because she has essentially lived her entire life in the dark, her eyes need time to properly focus on distant objects. But within a few hours of having the bandages removed, it is clear that something is wrong. Mun begins to see odd shadows in her blurry field of vision that turn out to be the spirits of the recently departed. Of course, nobody believes what she is experiencing is real, including her eye doctor and psychotherapist . Too traumatized by the horrors she has seen and in fear for her life, Mun gradually retreats back into the comfort of darkness…” from the media circus review

hot damn, this is a good movie. but it seriously is freaking me out. everywhere she runs she sees them, dead people, apparitions, newly dead, walking dead, dead who don’t even know their dead. jeez. i thought i had it bad. at least the visual hallucinations i was getting the first few months after the rupture was more like a groovy 60’s light show, not a late night horror show.

the only thing that comforts me is that this is scientifically impossible, a cornea is only the pane of the window into the soul – it’s not actually the soul.

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