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La “Lucha” continues





18 day count down.

Time: Monday Night Location: Kezar Bar (local Cole Valley watering hole) I am taking a break from obsessing over the Kickstarter campaign, and more specifically from my computer. A few days ago I had a wild night and a friend kicked his champagne glass practically into my keyboard. At the time, I didn’t think any liquid got in, then at 5am when I was instantly wide awake, to start on emails and social network; my beloved Macbook Pro, let’s call her “Lucha” wouldn’t start. And I about freaked. Then I had a creeping, soothing feeling of a letting go of my attachment to my ever dependence to the box, to the screen, to the virtual connectivity. That world is a slippery slope of addiction.

I am sure these words are not what one would expect from geek like myself, someone who defends, utilizes, provokes more integration with technology. But this singularity or whatever you want to call it is also like any type of relationship; there are inevitable compromises, loss of freedom, and of course I find best expressed in the lovely Baudelaire quote (I discovered via Paul Auster’s City of Glass)

Il me semble que je serais toujours bien là où je ne suis pas, et cette question de déménagement en est une que je discute sans cesse avec mon âme.

I like to crudely translate it to an english cliche, “The grass is always greener.”

But la “Lucha” continues.

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