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Lady Gaga is wearing an eyeball on her chin.

She just wants it all. … Apparently I should be working with Nick Knight, fashion photographer who is not unfamiliar to prostheses photographed Aimee Mullins in her famous Dazed and Confused cover. Mr. Knight recently directed Lady Gaga’s latest video Born This Way. The song is predictably generic pop. But Lady Gaga has certainly pushed the limits in superstar performance art. I dig the sci-fi style, – you say the word “manifesto” in this context, (Donna Harraway reference) and I’m hooked even though it doesn’t make any sense, and the mash up with reference to pop / fashion icons and dia de los muertos make-up; while mesmerizing was a bit hokey, random, and slapped on. In any case if any of you know Mr. Knight – please send him my way!

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