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slippery slope from iPhone to iEye

Damn Colbert, for beating me to the punch again!

Here’s the text from last night’s episode:

  1. Recently, I have been mildly interested in getting a free iPhone.

  2. That is called begging with dignity. Guess what? I gots me one!

  3. I’ve been using this non-stop – I’ve been making calls, I’ve been petting it. I’ve been turning it sideways – all the things you dream of doing with a phone.

  4. I also found that if you push “phone” and “internet” at the same time, it becomes a taser.

  5. It know my e-mails, it knows my contacts, it knows my jock jams. A man’s jams should be private.

  6. This is just a slippery slop to us surrendering our humanity to anything with a wi-fi and a flat screen.

  7. Could it be the iEye, where the “i” stands for “it replaces your eye”? I think so.

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