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Survivors!! Bring it.

About a year ago, I got a message about my essay, #21. grow a new eye. This was an essay that I had worked on for three years ; through journal writing, editing, archiving, recovering recovering recovering. I was trying to make sense of what happened to me. While there is no resolution in the essay, I think I accomplished what I was looking for – a tell tale of trauma and what’s next. Windy, an acquaintance from the San Francisco Film Community reached out. There was something in my writing that resonated for her because of something she had gone through. After discussions and her brainstorming she came up with a wonderful idea for a short doc. called,  Survivor

Survivor, using the real stories of three survivors – April, Tanya, and Kim, who have survived breast cancer, a major car accident, and sexual assault, respectively- Survivor illustrates that healing on the outside, does not always heal the wounds on the inside. That is where the real journey begins.

Told in the women’s own words, Survivor is a black-and-white cinematic triptych that redefines what it means to be a “survivor” and inspires women and girls to make empowered choices in thier own lives. Produced, Directed and Co-written by Windy Borman. co-written by April, Tanya, and Kim.

The four of us will be co-writing the script from our experiences of trauma and surviving, which as some of as you might know can be a LONG freakin’ journey – and making art out of the surviving the unimaginable eases the pain.









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