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The embarking of an ambitious lifetime domestic art project


okay, my oldest friend is pregnant (she would like to remain unnamed: i have much respect to the integrity of anonymity. obviously, i don’t have this quality) — some of my earliest and greatest memories are with this girl: pre-school antics, from climbing the backwoods of golden gate park, to smoking grass from the ground and pretending it was weed, to trying to skateboard down the steepest hills of sf, summer camps, seances, the unicorn club, dressing her cat up as a prince, her horrific china doll stories, the list is endless. i just can’t believe she’s gonna have a tyke of her own! i knew this day was gonna come, and now it’s here. i had the strangest reaction when she told me, shaking and then when i got off the phone i started crying. i have never experienced emotion like this. so happy. i feel like my sister is pregnant. morning sickness has really kicked her ass – so i hope she feels better.

congratulations! and suerte!

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