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Here’s my newest video project, an assignment for final cut class with photos, audio, keyframing, etc.

The text is below. Enjoy!

The Day without Fog…

by Tanya Vlach

So it happened … Waiting for the N in the Sunset and suddenly my world turned upside down.

I realized that I had lost that thing that I held so dear.

I found myself on the ground licking the tracks. Passed out on the concrete, I dreamt of obee, the whale that had found itself beached off of Kirkham, then of Patty Hearst, her machine gun and the bank robbery on 22nd Ave; then I dreamt I was the femme fatale in a old noir, that took place at the cliff house with a murder in the Sutro Baths.

I came to with a crowd huddled over me. To calm my nerves I went to the oldest Irish pub in the sunset, some Cutty Sark at the little Shamrock was my medicine, comfort in the comaderie of other’s who also lost something along the way. My sister joined me, a rare occasion, especially since it didn’t end in a fight.

Who knows where I would end up if I stayed at the Shamrock, so I hopped an N, hoping to lose myself in the dunes and in the waves.

Then I found it just randomly while crying and trying to flirt with the surfers. I looked down and saw my youth, dead and circular. A sanddollar. Dried and like a pendant, I wear it now around my neck as a reminder of what I had.

But even as I was heading home there were ominous signs, broken glass, traveling bands, nothing seemed to add up.

On this day without fog, I am still at the turn around waiting for the N, and waiting to go home.

The End.

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