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work-in-progress “the gendered cyborg” 

piece for show at la llorona show galeria de la raza (this piece didn’t make the cut.) i’ll publish the photos from the other pieces up as soon as i get documentation

boxed in, sexualized versions of techno-dreams of transformation. inspired by the influx of misinformation and adolescent male projections in the blogosphere in response to my call to transform my prosthetic eye into a bionic / camera – eye. i am practicing Rituals of Reappropriation, to exorcise public negative connotations from my psyche; and as a means to reclaim my own destiny. ___

this is a time-lapse i took as cyborg. i am now researching text from svedka fembot models, bladerunner, ghost in the machine, aeon flux, bionic woman, etc.

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