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Welcome to B’artaud!

B’artaud, the bar at the ARTAUD theater, opened last week with a bang — actually it was more like a bang, bang, bangdy bang, bang. We celebrated Carnaval with the samba-reggae group, Fogo Na Roupa and the ritmo of Columbian group, Aluna.

yes, it’s finally here… what

y’all have been waiting for. B’artaud the bar at the ARTAUD theater — can’t claim the name, Chris Macolino. came up with the name.

His ideas were:

1) Bartaud… where you’ll be if the play sucks.

2) Bartaud… get away from the drama.

I can’t even claim the patch idea. Although, it is homage to your one-eyeness, but indeedy it was my dad’s idea. Arrrgh!

Thanks to Benjy, Keith, Chris Mac., Jackson, Raj, Nicky, Carlos M, Metzi, Jose, Chris Studley, Rodolfo, Daniel, and of course Mama and Papa Vlach for helping make this happen!

B’artaud Schedule… coming soon!

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