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What it means to be human in a changing world.

A new series of articles about the affects of technology on our bodies, our consciousness, and ultimately our species as a whole. *** Warning this post contains a poll.

An how-to guide on staying sane, real, and human in a technological world present and future.


Benedict Campbell on Sexy Cyborgs of the Future

I am starting investigations that have been inspired how my call for engineers of recreating my eye with a camera, went viral across the far reaches of the cyber-sphere. I found myself in a new landscape with looming questions and controversial challenges. Needless to say my persona has traveled the blogo-globe more than my physical body has – and I’d like to fill in the gaps.

I have been blogged about more that a simple one-eyed girl should (okay maybe I’m more complicated than I’d like to admit!); but really, a virtual woman with my name has made an insane amount of cameos throughout cyberspace carrying less characteristics belonging to me and more it seems of the blogger’s projections and to many this quantified composite cyber me is just as real as the real me.  This is why I’m telling it like it is  – to find my voice in the sea of other mes, to set the story straight from the source, not RT, Twitter, Facebooked, overheard, misunderstood, bastardized to sell papers, or to shock an audience.  No just a simple or not so simple one-eyed girls story on needing a metamorphosis.

With my bizarre Internet presence (go to to find your online identity,) so far several publications and hundreds of bloggers have speculated on what this means in the context of our time and what my impetus is for deciding to implant a camera in my ocular prosthesis – and I thought hey, who better to document then from the one doing it. Apropos to 1st person P.O.V. of the eye-camera project.

Today’s persona: culture critic and auto-ethnographer, I propose to share with you the current process of building my bionic eye and the artistic process.   I will be publishing my research and findings; questions and frustrations. This is a partnership and the rules are to be civil, no more stupid comments about keeping the camera on in the girls locker room, will I keep it on while I go to the bathroom, or during sex – (Channel 5, I’m talking to you!) I’d much rather hear about new developments in bionic vision, funding, collaborations, exhibitions, video journalism, eye-deas!, etc. Let’s get a real dialogue going.

Body-Tech Critique, a series of articles about current trends in:

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All told through my experimentation and interviews with experts in these areas.

This summer I presented my Camera Eye proposal to the MIT Media Lab. This is is launching a partnership with the Camera Culture Group who are currently developing many powerful and new cameras.  Although there are many hoops to jump, like funding, still having difficulty in sustaining this process — either way I am determined to move forward and build this damn eye already!

These are my words, my thoughts, with Moore’s Law and advancing rate of technology it is a trend sweeping our planet whether we know it or not. I’d like to be a part of this discussion as a participant – join me in my research, my questions, the conflicts, the ethics, and the response. It will surely promise to be a highly unusual ride.

I’ll leave you with a trailer for cautionary tale “We Live in Public” “Internet pioneer Josh Harris has spent his life implementing his unique vision of the future, where technology and media dictate human social interaction and define our personal identity.”:

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