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WHOA! … Thank you thank you thank you!

I lost my right eye in Iraq and I think it is awesome what you are doing!  You go girl!!!! I hope it all works out for you.  It is an awesome way to pave the way in technology.

This is my favorite comment so far  … – I’ve thought a lot about my compadres who have suffered from war, those who’ve lost from Katrina, etc. We are a band of brothers and sisters looking for solace, inspiration, hope, and transformation. I’m ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY by the amazing and moving responses I’ve received so far. If I haven’t gotten back to you all. I’m still absorbing and putting all the puzzle pieces together, now a much more meaningful journey. I’m inspired by you and driven by representing all of you amazing monoculars!

“…it seems that the bionic Eve has found her Adam, so to speak.” As ABC reported a couple of weeks ago. Canadian based monocular documentary filmmaker is also making a camera eye! MAJOR PROPS to ROB SPENCE  Here’s his site (ha!) And he’s much farther along. We’ve spoken about our ideas and will possibly work together. It remains to be seen … or recorded.  He is working with Steve Mann, the pioneer in wearable video technology, who was a major inspiration in my ideas of my eye-cam. I had been meaning to contact him, and through Rob he contacted me!! Believe me I am thanking my lucky stars.

Engineering responses:

So many and still deciphering all. IN GREAT NEED of ENGINEERING SPECIALIST/CONSULTANT who has some time who can evaluate my options. I’m the eye-dea girl, but would love to collaborate with someone more tech minded willing to put in the work.

A BIG THANKS TO KEVIN KELLY who put this in motion with Per several suggestions from my site and call he encourages me to start an open source forum on creating the the engineering software.


That I will be able to see out of my eye-cam. Alas, this device will not allow me to see, only if I was willing to go for some invasive brain surgery to connect to my optic nerve and even then what my left eye could see would be quite limited to shapes and shadows. Honestly, it’s not worth it to me right now … I’ve had enough surgeries for awhile and want something low impact. Hopefully this project will evoke dialogue and encourage the furthering of development of eye technology to help the blind.

That I will have a 24 hour reality show recorded from my eye. Not my intention to record my whole life. We’ve seen that done, it was revolutionary, but honestly I find it boring. Visual data overload. I’m a big fan of editing, “In the Blink of an Eye,” by Editor, Walter Murch sitting behind me on my book shelf, shutters from the notion.

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