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Born and raised in foggy and eccentric San Francisco, Tanya Marie Vlach has a diverse background in dance, theater, visual, and literary arts. The founder of Colibrita and Eye,Tanya, is part cultural leader and part gonzo futurist; Tanya has produced and curated several arts and private events throughout the Bay Area.

Passionate about transformative arts, the other (from mundane to the spectacle), Tanya strives to bring about her utopian fantasies to life artistically, and at home in her community; all the while making sure to harness technology and how it can invigorate us in the real life.


Inspired by a near-death experience and the loss of her eye; her work explores what it means to be alive. Learn about her crazy prosthetic eye project here. Tanya has been featured in the SF Chronicle, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, WIRED UK, etc.


Available for talks and new collaborations. Characters et al, send her exciting and seemingly impossible live project ideas, that is her specialty.


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