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2013 Update on Eye-Camera Project

We are super excited to announce the status of the eye-camera project. The lead engineer Kosta Grammatis, and his team are coming up with a tentative timeline within the next few months to hopefully finish the prototype. Currently the new hollowed out eye prosthesis designed by Ocularist William Danz is being professionally scanned in Canada, by Javelin-Tech, who is the EyeTanya team’s newest partner. After the scan, the team will prototype virtually through 3D software, buying parts, fitting the prosthesis, and trouble shooting video capabilities.

Kosta Grammatis, Lead Engineer and William Danz, Ocullarist

Dear Kickstarter donors and fans, it has taken much longer to push my project forward than anticipated due to constraints on my end as well as the limitations of workable space in the prosthetic eye. THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING PATIENT and I am very aware of everyone’s eagerness and of finishing the prototype. The team on board was responsible for making Rob Spence’s eye AKA the “Eyeborg” a term that we simultaneously came up with to describe the phenomenon in augmenting a prosthetic eye with a digital recording device.

I would like to emphasize that this project is extremely challenging to design because of space limitations – William Danz did an excellent job in designing a larger hallowed out model of my prosthesis. It is clear and pretty creepy to look at!

All in all, we are much closer to the light at the end of the tunnel.




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