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Glitz, Glam, Geek? When did tech become chic?

*Disclaimer – this is my lame attempt at actually blogging – hence the delayed posting (you wouldn’t know it, but I’m very shy). I skipped about 30 people in line (see below) because I had a media pass. With privilege comes responsibility, so… as a good blogger, therefore I blog.

Digital Summer – an event presented last Wednesday by Ubergizmo (consumer electronics blog) and Girls in Tech, and produced by Digital Seasons was overpopulated with lines of up to 2o minutes long, chaotic with unprofessional handpicking by organizers of the special people in line < just think Madeleine Kahn, from History of the World Pt. 1>


Despite these unfortunate occurrences I had a lovely time and met some lovely people. (Whom all seemed too tall, too beautiful, and too successful btw – which is a purely objective statement and definitely not based on my 5’2” stature.) It was at Temple Nightclub, which is a “green nightclub” combining cutting edge technology and ancient philosophy. I am intrigued.

Digital Summer showcased a few different products, but I was most interested in Eye-Fi, a memory card that sends images and video wirelessly from your camera. I’m syked about Eye-Fi. I learned about their technology awhile ago and was hoping to connect with them about a possible partnership for my project. I met the founder, Ziv Gillat, a jolly and enthusiastic man who seemed genuinely interested in my project — and we will be talking soon. Crossing my fingers.

I believe due to my elaborate beaded dangly African necklace that I purchased for a couple of dollars at a garage sale; a few different people asked me if I was in the fashion show, while none offered their number or dinner — (why !@%&*? San Francisco why?) I will still consider this a compliment.

You might be wondering when the glam came in: look at this eye-candy below.


In my opinion at approximately 10:30 pm on the runway, a surprisingly handsome supermodel look-a-like, gracefully and without pretension won the glamorous award.

Right when DJ. Mrs. Blythe started to rock and people began to loosen up I really didn’t want to leave… but alas I reached my 2 drink max and it was a school night. So I was off. Yet I’m still confused on how this avant-garde, indy, artsy, non-profit gal could have such a smashingly good time at an event that could be compared to a hip and glitzy touring roadshow. Apparently fashion, technology, and photography is dangerous and seductive combo for this small town San Francisco Native.

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