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Ashland , OR

  1. wine tasting in rogue valley: roxyann and troon. or should i say swoon. excellent, high quality, and no pretension.

  2. ashland independent film festival: “steel toes.”about a jewish lawyer who defended a skinhead. transformation in the wake of a heinous hate crime. wow, it was so good!

  3. swedish massage from the blue giraffe. my masseuse was a small man with very large hands. still a little sore, but worth it.

  4. oregon shakespeare festival: “rabbit hole” how to deal with enormous grief. so good. great dialogue, great plot, great character development

  5. night train on the amtrak: worried that i wasn’t gonna have my dose of weirdness in opting for the sleep car, but the dining car for breakfast fulfilled all my expectations with Sparky, who spoke of spanking his 25 yr. old daughter and wanting to adopt me. yikes! all in all a great trip!

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